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Gin: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Gin Blossoms?

Left to right: Bill Leen (bass) Phillip Rhodes (drums/vocals) Robin Wilson (vocals) Jesse Valenzuela (guitar/vocals) Scott Johnson (guitar) Bill, Scott, Jesse, and Robin are married, and each has a kid/kids. Phillip is not currently touring with the Blossoms, and has been replaced in the live lineup by Scott Kusmirek. (Photograph Copyright © 1992 Jay Blakesberg)

What the hell is a "gin blossom"?

They’re damaged capillaries in your nose that you get from a skin condition called roseacea. It can be aggravated by drinking too much, which was the case with comedian W.C. Fields . The band got the idea from the famous old photograph of Fields and his big ol’ gin-blossomed nose that appears in Kenneth Anger’s book, "Hollywood Babylon II," with a caption describing Fields’ "terminal case of gin blossoms.

Where is Auscott Cotton Gin?

Auscott Cotton Gin is in the north of New South Wales which is in the east of Australia.

What is Gin?

Gin is a colourless spirit, sweetened or unsweetened, distilled from grain or other bases such as barly, rye or maize; and is flavoured with juniper berries or other flavouring agents so as to possess the characteristic taste and odour of gin. Question Answer 29

Does gin give you gin blossoms?

It is called rosacea and has nothing to do with gin in particular.

Are there any live Gin Blossoms recordings?

There’s a live performance on the "Just South of Nowhere" DVD. ( to order the DVD from ) There are also several different bootleg CDs, plus some radio broadcasts of concerts and live performances. Here’s more information on track listings, availability and quality, so you’ll know what you’re getting before you invest in one. (Note: the bootlegs listing is not up-to-date.

Does O.A.R. cover the song "Gin and Juice"?

O.A.R. does not cover "Gin and Juice. " This is a common misconception caused by large amounts of mislabeled mp3 trading on Napster and other popular file sharing engines. The version that was heavily circulated is by The Gourds. More information... .

What is Verizon's Get It Now® (GIN)?

Get It Now is a technology and service that allows you to download and use applications on your Verizon Wireless Get It Now-enabled phone. For example, you can quickly and easily download ringtones, games, emails, directions, instant messages and more to your phone and use them right on your handset. It is a new enhancement to wireless technology. Once the third-party vendor receives the short code, the subscriber must reply "Yes" in order to be billed the charge. ...
Get It Now is a technology and service that allows you to download and use applications on your Verizon Wireless Get It Now-enabled phone. For example, you can quickly and easily download ringtones, games, emails, directions, instant messages and more to your phone and use them right on your handset. It is a new enhancement to wireless technology. Once the third party vendor received the short code; the subscriber must reply "Yes" in order to be billed the charge. ...

Is Gin Rummy a game of chance or skill?

Both skill and chance. By gaining skill at the game you improve your chances of winning.

When was the first Burton Cotton Gin Festival?

April, 1990…..The Festival which celebrates cotton and the rich heritage of the Burton community during the era when cotton was king is usually held the 3 rd weekend in April. The 3 day event is filled with parades, folk life demonstrations, contests, tractor pulls, non-stop entertainment, antique tractors, engines and cars – and of course a multi variety of arts and crafts and food vendors! Great family entertainment!

Why do they call it a cotton “gin”?

Eli Whitney’s invention in 1793 that removed the seed from the cotton fiber was called the “Little Cotton Engine”…. this name was quickly dubbed cotton “gin” – short for engine. After the Civil War – and the end of the cotton plantations – community gins began to spring up all over the country. The name “gin” became a household word. Ginning simply means separating or removing the seed from the fiber.

What is the latitude and longitude of Auscott Cotton Gin?

Auscott Cotton Gin is at a latitude of -29.28991 decimal degrees and a longitude of 149.77885 decimal degrees (GDA94 datum, which is for many practical purposes equivalent to WGS84). Latitude and longitude coordinates may be represented in a variety of different numeric formats: Format Latitude Longitude Decimal -29.28991° 149.77885° D° MM' SS" 29° 17' 24" S 149° 46' 44" E D° MM.MMM' 29° 17.395' S 149° 46.731' E

What is the best way to enjoy Aviation Gin?

As with most dry gins, the trio feels Aviation shines brightest when properly mixed in classic and modern culinary cocktails. Aviation, in particular, works best in citrus accented drinks that play off its unique notes of lavender, cardamom, Indian Sarsaparilla, and anise seed,. Unlike most dry gins, however, Aviation’s set’s itself apart with its slightly subdued juniper and citrus presence against the back drop of creamy rye spirit, which makes it, uniquely, enjoyable all by itself, both ice cold and at room


It all begins with the gin’s willingness to separate and test AF36 treated seed. If you market your own seed the potential is obvious. If the gin markets the seed the increased value still leaves room for mutual financial benefits.

When Riley asked Gin and Ed what they did in Iraq, what was Gin's response?

"Boondocks"- "A Date With the Health Inspector" ( abbyolurin1 ) Looking for weapons of mass destruction . Riley then asked him if they found any. Gin shouted at Riley and said that he knew that they didn't find any.

Was the Burton Farmers Gin the 1st gin built in Texas?

No …..By 1912 there were over 4,000 gins in Texas! The Burton Farmers Gin was built in 1914. It is the last surviving turn-of-the-century air system gin, on the original site with the original equipment and still operates - in the United States of America!

Are the Gin Blossoms still together?

We play all the time. And I am happy to meet with potential clients on the road. Checkout the Gin Blossoms schedule .

What bands have opened for the Gin Blossoms on tour?

The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, Lost Luggage, Tommy Keene, The Refreshments , Dead Hot Workshop , The Odds , 3 Day Wheely , Dishwalla , Fig Dish , Goo Goo Dolls and Lush.

What bands have the Gin Blossoms opened for on tour?

Toad the Wet Sprocket , Del Amitri , the Neville Brothers, UB40, the Spin Doctors, Bryan Adams and Neil Young.

How does a gin become Certified?

back to top Gins that are interested in becoming Certified start by submitting an application. Any potential concerns are addressed with the applicant in a follow-up interview. After all of the information is collected and reviewed, the application undergoes final review. If approved, the applicant will receive a response that invites them to participate with Primary Certification. ...

Is the gin's equipment mix the only criteria?

back to top Definitely not. In addition to having equipment that fills the criteria for a category, the gin must also have personnel that are trained and competent operators of that equipment. The Certification Programconsiders having knowledgeable people capable of extracting high levels of performance out of the gin's equipment essential. Because of the important role operators play in the success of system, additional training requirements may be attached to certain levels of certification in some cases. ...

Why did the Burton Farmers Gin close down in 1974?

It was costing more to keep the gin open and operating than they were making. During the height of ginning there were 60 bales produced per day….in 1974 there were only seven bales ginned the whole 4 months of ginning season. The small farmer could not compete financially with larger farms that now claimed fancy mechanical cotton pickers – sons were moving away….going to college…dairy farms and ranches were the new way of life ….cattle had replaced king cotton.

How many men worked at the Burton Farmers Gin?

Five to six men worked inside the gin – 1 in the engine room, 1 in the office, 2 at the gin stands and 2 at the press boxes. Of course, there were several yard men - working the suction, moving the wagons, taking the finished bales to the warehouse, etc.

When did the Burton Farmers Gin get electricity?

Records we have reviewed show that the gin had electricity during the late 1920’s or early 1930’s. After the introduction of electricity the gin would stay open well after midnight during the busiest time of the ginning season.

Is the Burton Farmers Gin made of wood or metal?

Actually …both! The Burton Farmers Gin was designed by the Lummus Gin Co. The framework is made of cypress wood- the roof and sides of tin. It took 8 months to build. The first bale was ginned in August, 1914.

What is the nearest city, town or village to Auscott Cotton Gin?

The nearest town to Auscott Cotton Gin is Moree about 20.1 km away. Moree has a population of about around 9,300 (based on the 2001 census). Click here for a map showing Auscott Cotton Gin and Moree .

Are gin traps banned? If not, why not?

“Gin traps” are not banned throughout New Zealand. However, some local authorities have by-laws that ban their use in certain areas. One of the functions of the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC) under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 is to provide advice to the Minister of Agriculture on the restriction or prohibition of traps. NAWAC has recommended that the following types of traps be prohibited: Lanes-Ace (gin) and all similar No 1 ½ longspring traps. ...

Are gin traps banned in New Zealand?

After consultation the Government has decided to restrict the sale and use of leg-hold traps in New Zealand. New regulations came into effect on 1 January 2008.

What about Marijuanaville, or Gin and Juice, or Buddy Holly?

None of these songs you have found are BNL. Mark Eddie does Marijuanaville. The Gourds do Gin and Juice. Weezer does Buddy Holly. They are NOT Barenaked Ladies. End of story.
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