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Scotch Guard: Frequently Asked Questions

This Scotch Guard FAQ is a listing of the most frequently asked questions about Scotch Guard. A great place to start getting answers to all your basic Scotch Guard questions.

Does it help to use scotch guard?

Yes. Applying a carpet protector can lengthen the life of your carpets by preventing soil from adhering to your carpet by forming a protective coating to carpet fivers. Spills can be removed before absorbing into carpet fibers and most dirt and soils remain on top of carpets making them easier to vacuum.

How does scotch guard protect my carpet?

Your carpet has a built-in protective barrier that can break down over time with regular use. The application of Scotchgard helps to renew that barrier and fight against stains and resoiling. Scotchgard protector keeps your carpet and upholstery looking good longer. Your carpet and upholstery are easier to clen. Dry soil is easily vacuumed away, and spills can be spot cleaned more easily than unprotected carpet or upholstery. ...

Q Is Scotch Guard necessary?

A Sprayed & Raked in ScotchGard is Highly Recommended if you have Children or Pets

Can I put "Scotch Guard" on the printed image? How about starch or sizing?

Yes, but first rinse off the fabric for 30 seconds, blot the excess water with a towel, and let dry. This 30-second rinse is also recommended if you are going to wear the item!

H ow does the Nikwax system differ from Scotch Guard and other spray on processes?

Nikwax is a wash-in waterproofing instead of a spay on or wipe on process. After your blanket is washed a second wash cycle is completed using only the waterproofing compound. The waterproofing is absorbed on all surfaces to repel water. The liquid also follows the stitching into the blanket. This prevents or minimizes the wicking effect of the stitching that draws moisture into the blanket. The resulting breathable membrane is nontoxic to horses and humans. ...
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