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Whiskey: Frequently Asked Questions

What is WHISKEY?

The term whiskey means, simply, a distilled liquor made from the fermented mash of grains. That encompasses all of these wonderful-in-their-own-way treats: Bourbon Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, and Canadian Whisky . Each type of whiskey has its own guidelines and distillation process that makes itIt is important to remember that they are all part of the same when going to a liquor store to ask about a "good whiskey," you must first figure out which whiskey it is that you are needing.
whiskey/whisky: from the Gaelic “usquebaugh”(alt. sp. “uisge-beatha”) meaning “water of life.” Simply, whiskey is an alcoholic liquor distilled from grain and aged in wood casks. What defines a whiskey’s type and classification (and even the spelling) is a little more complicated. Whiskey, most commonly, is distilled using barley, corn, rye, wheat or oats. Technically, anything capable of producing neutral spirits can be turned into whiskey (beet whiskey anyone?). ...

How much whiskey is in a barrel?

There are many variables in the yield of a barrel, but on average, our 15 gallon barrel option will yield 100-110 750 ml bottles at 80+ proof. There is a bit of loss through Angel's Share (evaporation) and initial absorption, but these factors are fairly predictable. We barrel most whiskey at right around 120 proof (60% alcohol by volume) so when it's cut to bottling strength the yield is higher with the added water. If you want to do the math, take 60% (120 proof) of 15 gallons for a total of 9 gallons of alcohol. ...

What is small batch whiskey?

Small batch whiskeys are bottlings from a "batch" of barrels that have been mixed prior to the bottling.

What is Single Malt Whiskey?

Malt whiskey that is only vatted with malt whisky from one distillery. It may also be a single barrel

What is single barrel whiskey?

Whiskeys are called single barrel when they are the bottled from one barrel of

What is grain whiskey?

Whiskey made from barley, or corn that was not malted. It is usually distilled in a Coffey still.

Why is this whiskey called bourbon?

It takes its name from Bourbon County, located in the central Bluegrass region of Kentucky. It was formed from Fayette county in 1785 while still a part of Virginia and named to honor the French Royal Family and was once the major transshipment site for distilled spirits heading down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans. Barrels shipped from its ports were stamped with the county's name, and Bourbon and whiskey soon became synonymous.

Is whiskey expensive?

The price of whiskey varies greatly depending on the style, age, classification and availability. You can find some really great deals out there. Canadian whisky Forty Creek Barrel Select is less than $30. One of the best deals in Irish whiskey is Redbreast pot stilled whiskey at around $40. With single malt Scotch, you will probably not find anything worth drinking for less than $40 (if you find one, let us know). I am sure there are deals out there though. ...

Is all whiskey BOURBON?

All bourbons are whiskey, but not all whiskies are bourbon. Bourbon is one of the 5 major types of whiskey: Bourbon, Irish, Scotch, Canadian, and Tennessee. By law, to be called a straight bourbon whiskey , the mash bill must contain at least 51 percent corn, be distilled at no more than 160 proof and aged in new, charred oak barrels for a minimum of two years.

Is RYE WHISKEY bourbon?

Bourbon guidelines state that, at least, 51% of the mash utilized is corn . As the name states, rye whiskey uses rye as the primary grain in its mash.

What is the difference between American Whiskey and Irish Whiskey?

There are several differences between the two. The primary being Irish whiskey is made from mostly malted barley and American whiskey is made from mostly corn.

Is Devil Whiskey free?

No, it isn’t. We will be releasing a fully-playable demo containing one sub-quest, the beginning of the main plot, most of the classes (with a level cap at 13), and the majority of the rest of the features of the game. This demo will be free to download and play. If you like it, we ask that you support us and the rest of the contracted developers who have worked on the game, creating everything from the original artwork and audio tracks to the full game engine, from the manual and story content to the storyline and map design. ...

What is Devil Whiskey?

Devil Whiskey is a party-based, turn-based, grid-mapped, 3D role playing and adventure game, based on the interactive play styles of the popular role-playing games of the late 1980’s. It is a completely original title, developed by the minds at Shifting Suns Studios, LLC, and brought to you, the fans of a style of gaming that has since been deemed ‘old’ by the industry, but that we believe can still provide hours of enjoyment.

What are the health benefits with scorpion and cobra whiskey?

The story is that scorpion and Cobra whiskey's are used in SE Asia as very strong Aphrodisiacs; they have also been know to have many medical uses, such as the treatment of back and muscle pain. To Wear 13. No questions Other 14. No questions Terms & Condtions

Who Buys An Entire Barrel of Whiskey?

Most of our customers are simply individuals who love whiskey and realize that making their own is a totally unique experience. In some cases, groups of 2-4 people will get together and share the cost of a barrel. Our primary customer types are: * Whiskey Enthusiasts * Groups of Friends * Bars * Restaurants * Liquor Stores * Corporate & Fraternal Groups A barrel of whiskey can also be a fantastically symbolic gift for a major life event. ...

Is whiskey spelled with or without an 'e'?

I think you just answered your own question there, mate. Q: I don't know how much water I should add to my Ardbeg 22. A: Send us your bottle of Ardbeg 22, and we shall return it filled with what we feel is an appropriate amount of water.
I think you just answered your own question there, mate. Q: I don't know how much water I should add to my Ardbeg 22. A: Send us your bottle of Ardbeg 22, and we shall return it filled with what we feel is an appropriate amount of water. Q: The Ardbeg 22 you sent back to me is now perfectly clear, whereas before it was amber in color--what gives? A: The newsgroup is about scotch whisky, yes.

What Is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Bourbon is the whiskey originally distilled in Bourbon Country, Kentucky. It is made from a mash of not less than 51 percent corn plus malt and rye. Whiskies constitute the other grain mash liquors that use a mash that is less than half corn. Whisky, without the "e", refers to the grain mash liquor of Scotland.

Are you working on a new Whiskey Mattimoe mystery?

I'm motivated to continue the series—thanks to the glam hounds and equally gorgeous humans I've met at dog shows and book signings. For preview chapters, see the Whiskey Mattimoe page. And check my Whiskey Mattimoe blog for updates.

What’s Canadian Whiskey?

Canadian Whisky is made primarily from corn or wheat, with a supplement of rye, barley, or barley malt. There are no Canadian government requirements when it comes to the percentages of grains used. Unlike Bourbons, Canadian Whiskies are aged, primarily in used oak barrels. The minimum age for Canadian Whisky is three years, with most brands being aged four to six years. Virtually all Canadian Whiskies are blended from different grain whiskies of different ages. Ask A Question

Where else can I buy custom whiskey?

To our knowledge, the only other custom whiskey facility is Mackmyra in Sweden. If there are others, please let us know.

Does Four Roses still make a blended whiskey?

When ownership changed in 2002, we stopped the production and sale of blended whiskey to focus our attention exclusively on Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Have a sip and I think you’ll agree with our decision 100%.

Is there any truth to the whiskey conspiracy in Complicity?

From alt.books.iain-banks Jens Tingleff( ) says : I thought that the Whisky conspiracy story in 'Complicity' was - more or less - just another fictional entity (like that computer game ;-) ). In yesterday's Independent (UK quality daily newspaper), the comic columnist Miles Kindston carries on about this. (He claims to have picked up on someone from the FT writing about the Whisky conspiracy. ) The good part is that there is a shop in Edinburgh which does non-filtered non-caramel-added Whisky. ...

Does Big Whiskey play Weddings?

Of course we do. Being upfront we are not your typical wedding band. We aim to please with our wide variety of material, and we encourage you to add songs of your choice to our setlist for your event. We can even MC your wedding for an additional charge. We can also be booked for private parties, corporate functions, country clubs, and anywhere you can think to have Big Whiskey perform. Email us for a complete songlist.

Is Devil Whiskey multi-player enabled?

No, it isn’t. A turn-based game is poorly adapted to simultaneous multi-player capabilities, as either every player would be waiting on every other to make each move, or time could not be synchronous. In our quest to develop a role playing and adventure title that met the requirements we set out for it, we decided that the turn-based nature of the game was more important than enabling multi-player functionality. ...

What do I need to know before buying scorpion and cobra whiskey?

The buyer accepts responsibility that the sale complies with all applicable laws and delivery regulations in their own country. Only buyers of lawful age will be accepted for purchasing items containing alcohol.

What was your inspiration for the Whiskey Mattimoe mystery series?

When I wrote Whiskey on the Rocks , the book that launched the Whiskey Mattimoe series, I was sharing my rural home with Lucille, a dog rescued in late pregnancy by my then-husband and me. Not remotely an Afghan hound, Lucille was a mutt with fast legs, a scary snarl and bafflingly high self-esteem. Like Abra, she had no apparent maternal instincts and a libido that wouldn't quit. She also had a propensity for chasing anything that promised misadventure. ...

How much time is supposed to elapse between Whiskey Mattimoe mysteries?

One season. Because the series is set in the resort town of Magnet Springs, each mystery takes place during the next major tourist event on the calendar. In the first book, Whiskey on the Rocks, it's autumn, which is leaf-peeping season. In Whiskey Straight Up, it's winter sports season. Whiskey and Tonic takes place in the spring, otherwise known as blossom-spotting season. Whiskey and Water is set in late June, during the start of water sports season . . . which is why humans and dogs end up in Lake Michigan.

Do you have any advice for first time whiskey drinkers?

Take your time. Savor every sip. Have some patience. You may fall in love with whisk(e)y with your first dram. However, you may try several before you find one you like. You may never find one you like. Chances are, out of the many styles, classifications and distilleries you will be able to find something you enjoy. The best advice is to find somewhere to drink that has a good whisk(e)y selection or seek out an organized whisk(e)y tasting. You may even find a liquor storeowner that has taster bottles. ...
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