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Ginger: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is "Ginger"?

Ginger is rumored to be a conglomeration of a group of customer relations people from BMW NA who monitor Ginger's posts are signified as his/her signature in RED. Alan (board admin) has given "her" the ability to post her signature in red. One note: Ginger's latest posts (week of April 2) have been labeled as "BMW NA Customer Relations". Most of her posts tend to be very vague and recommend that they contact BMW NA through the Owner's Circle or their phone number about their issue.

What exactly is a Ginger Monkey?

There is no actual species of monkey known as the Ginger Monkey. Here is a WikiMedia link to a picture of a baby Ginger Monkey.

What is the most fragrant ginger?

The white butterfly, Hedychium coronarium. Nearly all of the Hedychium species and hybrids are fragrant. In general, the whiter the flower, the more fragrant the plant, and the redder the flower the less fragrant the plant. There are certain other ginger flowers that are fragrant, including Kaempferia rotunda, Siphonochilus decora and Siphonochilus kirkii. And there are many gingers in the genera Zingiber, Curcuma and Alpinia that have aromatic leaves, stems and/or rhizomes.

Why is ginger is served with Sushi?

Traditionally, ginger ( gari ) was served with sushi as it will cleanse the palate when eaten between different kinds of sushi. Ginger also has minor anti-microbial properties and it is thought that eating it with raw food can assist in the prevention of sickness if there is any contamination of the product. Wasabi also exhibits similar characteristics and for that reason, both have stuck as an accompaniment to sushi. Food Safety Please visit our Sushi and Health section for more detailed information

What are the benefits of Ginger?

Ginger has been used for its benefits for over 5000 years it is aromatic Spice that adds flavor and aroma to your food. For any additional information on the benefits of Ginger p lease Google it yourself as we are restricted by Health Canada on how much information we can provide .

Why Ginger Goths?

Because we are a minority group who need to be catered for. Don't repress us or we will retaliate!!!! !

Is Ginger still in the band?

Yep, although he couldn’t play on the Against All Gods-tour due to an injury, he is back with the band now.

Are Ginger Kids dangerous?

Although some Ginger Kids may be dangerous, many others are not. Ginger Kids do have a genetic predisposition towards anger and depression, but this is caused by their appearance and often amplified by taunting and harassment. Contrary to popular belief, many Ginger Kids live healthy, happy lives.

What are Ginger tea benefits?

Ginger Rhizoma / small rimpang ginger with primary substance of atsiri oil contains n-nomylaldehide, d-camphene, d-beta phellandrene, methyleheptenone, cineol, borneol, geraniol, linalool, acetates, and zingiberene, also oleoresin. * Combination with Black Tea / thea folium is really useful to give body warmth and also increase body immunity, can cure influenza and cough.

What is the difference between the Ginger Snaps and the Spelt Ginger Snaps?

The Spelt Ginger snaps are made with Spelt flour “No Wheat added ” . The Spelt Ginger snaps are also 100% certified Organic, and completely dairy free (containing no eggs). However the two cookies are very similar in flavour, though some believe the Spelt has a bit of a stronger ginger taste. Spelt does contain gluten similar to Wheat

What is Ginger Tea product? What are Ginger Tea compositions?

Ginger Tea product is a combination of zingiberaceae rhizoma (60%) with thea folium (40); with its unique taste and fragrance. * The combination of those material mentioned above is really useful to give body warmth and increase body resistance against influenza and cough.

Who is Ginger Savely?

Ginger Savely is a nurse practitioner who was unable to find a doctor in Texas to supervise her practice , due to her unorthodox and possibly dangerous treatment of Lyme disease patients. She gives similar treatments to self-diagnosed Morgellons suffers. She is a member of the Morgellons Research Foundation, and co-authored an article on it with Leitao. She is active in the Media campaign, and is seeking new patients. She makes a living from selling her unorthodox treatments.

What are the health benefits of ginger?

Ginger has been used for over 2500 years as a remedy for appetite loss, indigestion, motion sickness, nausea and vomiting. Ginger has also been used for sore throats, headaches, ulcerative colitis, some types of menstrual and arthritis pain, and fevers and aches caused by colds and flu. Ginger is thought to improve muscle tone in the gastrointestinal tract. A few studies have provided preliminary evidence suggesting that ginger may be also useful in relieving both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. ...

What does Ginger root do?

Ginger root is a medicinal herb used primarily for the treatment of Dyspepsia (discomfort after eating), this includes the symptoms of bloating, heartburn, flatulence, and nausea. It is also considered helpful as a preventative for motion sickness and as a digestive a.d. Due to it's antispasmodic characteristic some people have used it to help ease menstrual cramps. In some traditional systems it is credited with the ability to treat arthritis, fevers, headaches, and toothaches. ...

Why are you called Ginger Cat Software?

Probably the most asked question!! The founder of Ginger Cat Software, David Pike and his wife used to have a gorgeous ginger cat called George. In the early stages of the business David worked from home and George used to lie on the warm monitor when David was using the computer. When we were looking for a name for the business that people would remember we found the answer literally staring us in the face! Unfortunately George has long since passed into the great beyond but the name remains.

What does Ginger Bits mean?

Let's see if I can make this clear without offending anyone's delicate sensibilities. "Ginger" is a color. In some regions, it is a commonly accepted assignation for hair color. For example, a ginger cat has orange fur, while a ginger-haired man could also be called a redhead. Moving on. "Bits" is an anotomical euphamism which is used colloquially to refer to the proof of one's manhood. Suffice to say that in my case, the carpet matches the drapes. ...

Who is Ginger, Monte and Mollee?

I’m a retired flight attendant living in Manhattan Beach, Ca. I’m a mother of two wonderful adult children: my son Dan who is my kindred spirit, and my beautiful daughter Christene, who gave me the best gift of all: my granddaughter Danielle, who is now 16. I have some totally awesome people in my life who inspire and motivate me. My daughter-in-law, Jill has given me the courage to go out and actually make money doing the things I love to do . ...

Ginger or Mary Ann?

The professor. Or maybe Little Buddy—if I’ve had a few drinks. Vacationing in Paris

Do Ginger Kids have Souls?

Unfortunately no, Ginger Kids are born without souls. A common misconception is that you need a soul to survive, this is completely false. Ginger Kids are people just like everyone else, even if they do not have souls, many Ginger Kids live happy, healthy and productive lives devoid of any sort of soul.

What's ginger good for?

Ginger has been used for thousands of years in China as a powerful herb of restoration. In modern day, the rest of the world has discovered this amazing herb. It lives up to its herbal reputation as a stimulating and soothing herb that supports healthy circulation and digestion. It is very relieving of nausea and other stomach related problems. Ginger is a wonderful daily energy tonic and it tastes great!

Where is Blue Ginger?

Blue Ginger is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts at 583 Washington St, just west of Wellesley Center. The phone number is 781-283-5790 Visit the Blue Ginger section.

What is blue ginger?

Miss Polly came up with the name. We had a list of 50 names when we first opened: Chef Ming, Jasmine's...Out of the blue she said Blue Ginger. Blue, of course, is my favorite color and blue also connotes water, and we're big believers in feng shui - the flow of energy throughout a space. [In Singapore] they call galangal [a root like ginger] blue ginger.

Can you ship ginger leis?

No. Ginger is far too fragile and will arrive brown and wilted if shipped overnight.

What do I need to watch out for with Ginger?

The raw herb may be the best form to utilize and is easily available at most markets. If purchasing a prepared product, read labels carefully before purchasing . There have been reported cases of herbal products being sold that did not contain active ingredients (the herbs active constituents) needed to be of any therapeutic value. Buying a standardized product when purchasing tinctures, capsule, or tablets may reduce the possibility of this occurrence. ...

Where did Ginger Brook Hollow get its name?

This is explained in the second story in the series. It is named for the little valley or hollow in which the stories take place. The characters from those stories are those who live in the hollow. Ginger Brook runs through the center of the hollow and the brook is named for the wild ginger that grows along its banks. 2.

Why did you choose the name Ginger Bits?

I most certainly did not choose this pseudonym for myself. It was bestowed upon me by an irrascible younger sibling and his dubious sense of humor. I guess you could call it a family joke.

Can I have an autograph of Ginger Rogers?

Unfortunately, CMG Worldwide does not distribute autographs of our clients.

How can I have something signed by Ginger?

Send it to the PO Box address on the Contacts page. Remember to include a stamped, self addressed envelope for Ginger to return it to and a covering note explaining what you would like doing.

What is a grunt, a sparkie, a drop short, a tankie, a ginger beer?

Grunt an infantryman, from the noise they make when they lift their pack Crunchie an infantryman circa 1960 to 1967 Sparkie any soldier from Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Drop Short or (b) 9 mile sniper an artillery man, from their worst possible mistake, dropping rounds on you because they fell short of the target (b) from their ability to hit a target from that distance Tankie any soldier in the Armoured Corps, whether in tanks or tracks Ginger Beer any soldier in the Engineers, from rhyming slang

Why do Ginger kids get such a bad reputation?

Ginger Kids are commonly stereotyped because a number of famous Ginger Kids have set bad examples. Fannies such as Chris Evans and Neil Lennon give Ginger Kids a bad name, do not be fooled, although these famous people are Gingers large numbers of Ginger Kids are nothing like them.
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