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Artificial Insemination: Frequently Asked Questions

What is artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is now more commonly referred to as,IUI, Intrauterine insemination. It is a procedure used for couples with unexplained infertility, minimal male factor infertility, and women with cervical mucus problems. It is a procedure of using the husband's or donor sperm, washing and treating the sperm and injecting it into the woman during the time of ovulation. IUI
Artificial insemination is an insemination technique called by many names: artificial insemination by donor (AID) or therapeutic donor insemination (TDI). Both of these techniques utilize screened sperm samples from anonymous donors. The treatment is primarily used in cases of male infertility where the male partner of the couple has no sperm severely abnormal sperm. National statistics suggest that 1 out of every 8 infertile couples are treated in this way. IN VITRO FERTILIZATION
Artificial insemination is now more commonly referred to as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). It is a procedure used for couples with unexplained infertility, minimal male factor infertility and women with cervical mucus problems. The procedure uses the sperm of the male (partner or donor), washing and treating the sperm and injecting it into the woman during her time of ovulation. IUI is less successful with poor quality sperm. ...

How effective is artificial insemination?

Quite effective when timed with the heat period and vaginal smears to pinpoint the time at which the bitch should be fertile.

What is involved in artificial insemination?

Instead of the mare being bred "live cover" or "naturally" by the stallion, the semen is collected from the stallion, and introduced directly into the mare's uterus by means of a syringe and pipette. It is usual to add a diluent in the form of a "semen extender". This is a nutrient medium for the sperm, frequently containing an antibiotic. The nutrient will elongate the efficient life of the sperm, and the antibiotic, if added, should destroy any infective organisms present.

Why Artificial Insemination (AI)?

We believe AI is safer for both stallion and mare Less risk of disease and transference Increased conception rates, especially with fresh and chilled semen More beneficial for stallions who are also competing

Is Artificial Insemination Safe?

Artificial insemination with donor or husband sperm is a medically recognized therapeutic procedure which is being practiced throughout the world. The incidence of birth abnormalities in children born as a result of this procedure is the same as in those born out of natural conception. However, it must be remembered that artificial insemination is an invasive procedure and that there is always a possibility of infection if it is not performed under proper conditions or with sperm samples that are not carefully processed.

What is artificial insemination (AI)?

Artificial insemination (AI) is the process of impregnating a cow with semen that has been removed from a bull. When done effectively, AI has success rate similar to that of natural breeding. AI is used for a variety of reasons, some of which include: choosing the sire (or sires) for your breeding program from a world-wide pool of genetics. avoiding the expense and added trouble of keeping bulls in pasture. breeding more cows to a single bull at one time than would be possible with natural breeding.
A sperm specimen is artificially administered to the uterus to maximise the success rate of fertilisation.

What is artificial insemination or IUI?

IUI or intra uterine insemination is an in-office procedure that is used to treat a variety of fertility conditions that may include cervical mucus problems, diminished sperm motility and ovulation dysfunction. The procedure involves ovulation monitoring either by ultrasound examination or ovulation predictor kits, sperm washing and insemination. ...

Do you offer artificial insemination?

At this time, Knight Creek Farm does not offer artificial insemination. However, upon request, Quagga can be sent out for collection and testing for serious parties interested in breeding to him. Contact / Site Index / Back to Top Designed and Maintained by Santeen Designs Updated: May 6, 2008

Can artificial insemination in humans spread HIV?

If the semen, which is used for insemination, is from HIV infected person there is a risk of transmission. All semen donors must be tested for HIV before collection of semen.

Does NPT use Artificial Insemination?

NPT supports and optimises natural reproductive function, so that pregnancy can result from natural sexual intercourse.

Can BVD be brought into a herd by artificial insemination?

All young bulls in Switzerland are thoroughly tested for BVD. The same applies to other countries and thus for imported semen.

Do you do artificial insemination?

Our center performs about 1,200 of these procedures a year. Generally, success rates for natural cyle or clomiphene with IUI are about 10-12% per try. I've had a partial hysterectomy but I want a baby. Help! The option for you to conceive would be through in vitro fertilization with a gestational carrier. Most likely, the “partial” hysterectomy did not affect your ovaries, but the most important thing for women is your age. ...

Do you do AI (Artificial Insemination) ?

Yes. We do both natural and artificial insemination.

Which type of surrogacy uses artificial insemination?

Traditional or Classical surrogacy. This requires your ability to make a genetic contribution or in simple terms, you will provide the egg.

What are some benefits of artificial insemination to live cover?

You can get offspring from a sire who lives at large or states away. There is less danger and stress for the mare & stallion.

How hard is it to breed a mare by artificial insemination (AI)?

If you have a good reproductive vet it is easy, but it can also be expensive! We ship semen with 24 hours notice Monday through Friday. We use a very experienced reproductive vet at our end who will test the viability of the semen before it is shipped -- something not possible with natural cover -- and will ensure the longevity of the sperm by using an extender. In any case, make sure your mare is cultured before requesting semen. An infected mare is unlikely to get pregnant. ...

Do we have to go to the doctor for the artificial insemination?

Surrogacy Solutions strongly recommends that inseminations be performed by a physician in all situations, and we require that inseminations be performed by a physician in cases where either the surrogate mother or the intended parents reside in the State of Arkansas. In Arkansas, artificial insemination is controlled by a law requiring that it be performed by a licensed physician, but that physician does not have to be an infertility physician. ...

Is thawing the semen before breeding by artificial insemination complicated?

No! But care and attention must be paid to the process. (More information can be found on thawing equine semen here ).

Do Clover dairy farmers use artificial insemination?

The dairymen mostly artificially inseminate and some natural service. Bulls are very large animals, they are often a safety concern for the humans and cows.

What is artificial insemination (A.I.) and its use in cattle and buffalo production?

A.I. is practiced where natural mating is a problem. Semen of high producing animal is preserved and used artificially in animals on large scale.

What does the Family Code provide on artificial insemination?

The Family Code provides as follows, to wit: "Art. 164. Children conceived or born during the marriage of the parents are legitimate. Children conceived as a result of artificial insemination of the wife with sperm of the husband or that of donor or both are likewise legitimate children of the husband and his wife, provided, that both of them authorized or ratified such insemination in a written instrument executed and signed by them before the birth of the child. ...

Is a child conceived through artificial insemination considered legitimate?

Yes, under Article 164 of the Family Code, children conceived as a result of artificial insemination of the wife with the sperm of the husband or that of a donor or both are legitimate children of the husband and his wife, provided, that both of them authorized or ratified such insemination in a written instrument executed and signed by them before the birth of the child. The instrument shall be recorded in the civil registry together with the birth certificate of the child.

Can I get semen and do artificial insemination?

Yes. Straws of semen run from $100 to $500. But knowing when she is ready is the trick. They average 65% success ratio. But a young bull knows exactly when to help out.

What are the chances of success after Artificial Insemination (A.I)?

10-15% women are expected to get pregnant in each cycle of treatment. By the end of sixth cycle of treatment 60% and by 12th cycle almost 80% of the women do get pregnant.

Is there any difference between a test tube baby and the artificial insemination?

Yes. The artificial insemination consists of putting the husband’s semen, previously prepared in the lab, inside the female genital system, most commonly inside the uterus, during the ovulation period. In vitro fertilization (test tube baby), consists of collecting the patient’s eggs with the help of ultra-sound and then take them to the laboratory, where they are put in contact with the sperm. If fertilization occurs, they are transferred to the patient’s uterus at the pre-embryo stage.

How much is it to rent Diablo for a night of strenuous work as an artificial insemination donor?

Send mail to Diablo . He'll send you his rates. What, you think you're the first person to get in on the lucrative Satanic Chicken sperm market?

What is artificial insemination (intrauterine or intracervical)?

When the doctor has evidence or suspects of a defect in spermatozoons migration to the uterus, this method can be applied. A purified preparation of the husband's speramtozoons is introduced in the uterine cavity at a moment close to ovulation . This is made through a plastic canula and it is a simple , non- painful and economic procedure
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