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Glaucoma Eye Drops: Frequently Asked Questions

This Glaucoma Eye Drops FAQ is a listing of the most frequently asked questions about Glaucoma Eye Drops. A great place to start getting answers to all your basic Glaucoma Eye Drops questions.

Is there any special way I should take my glaucoma eye drops?

The most important thing to remember when taking glaucoma medications is to take them as directed by your health care professional. Make sure you understand how and when to take your medications, and how to properly store them. For the drugs to work effectively, they must be taken regularly and continuously, and you will need to take them as long as they control your eye pressure.

If I choose AquaFlow surgical eye correction to treat my glaucoma, how likely will it be that I will be able to stop using my glaucoma eye drops?

Clinical studies that were conducted to prove the effectiveness and safety of the AquaFlow surgical eye correction procedure indicated that patients were using an average of 2.3 different medications prior to surgery and .3 after the surgery. This data indicates that most patients can eliminate the use of eye-pressure-lowering drops following the procedure.

After putting glaucoma eye drops into my eye, there is a bitter taste in my mouth. Is there something wrong?

Eye drops that are put into the eye will drain out of the eye into the nose through the normal drainage channels located at the inner corner of the eyes. Once the eye drops enter the nose, it will sometimes enter the throat region where it is swallowed. Some of the eye drops can be very bitter and when the eye drops enter the throat region, it comes into contact with the tongue where the taste receptors are. This causes the sensation of bitterness after putting eye drops into the eye. | Back to Questions on Glaucoma

My friend has glaucoma and is only on eye drops . Why do I need surgery?

Every patient's glaucoma is different--some patient's eye pressures can be controlled with just eye drops alone. However, for some patients, the eye pressures cannot be controlled with eye drops or oral medication. To prevent further damage to the optic nerve from the high eye pressures, the eye surgeon may advise you to undergo glaucoma surgery. The glaucoma surgery may be either laser surgery or a surgical procedure. Please discuss the risks and benefits of the glaucoma surgery with your eye surgeon. ...
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