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Aspirin (generic), Bayer, Alka-Seltzer: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bayer make a "baby aspirin"?

Yes. Baby aspirin is a term often used to mean a low strength, 81 mg aspirin product. Bayer offers the following low dose aspirin products: Aspirin Regimen Bayer Adult Low Strength 81 mg, Bayer Women's Aspirin Regimen, Bayer Adult Low Strength 81 mg with Calcium Aspirin, Regimen Bayer Chewable 81 mg (orange and cherry flavor)

Is Bayer Aspirin sodium-free?

Yes. According to FDA guidelines, all of our Bayer Aspirin products are considered sodium-free.

What type of starch is used in Bayer aspirin?

We use cornstarch in the various Bayer Aspirin formulations.

Does Bayer offer any "buffered aspirin" forms?

Yes, our Extra Strength Bayer Plus contains calcium carbonate as a buffering ingredient. It works to help neutralize stomach acid.

Do any of the Bayer Aspirin products provide a source of calcium?

Yes, our Bayer Women's Aspirin 81 mg with Calcium contains 300 mg of elemental calcium. This is ideal for women on an aspirin regimen, as directed by a doctor, who need a head start on their daily calcium requirements to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Is it true that Extra Strength Bayer Aspirin is as strong as Tylenol® with Codeine #3?

Yes, it's true. Clinical testing (in dental and headache pain) has shown that two ESB Gelcaps are just as effective on tough pain as Tylenol with Codeine #3 in the most prescribed dosage. No over-the-counter pain reliever is more effective at powering away your toughest pain.

Why is Aspirin Regimen Bayer Chewable 81 mg only available in 36-count bottles?

Because this is a flavored product, we are limited to the 36-tablet size for safety reasons. If a child were to open the package and consume all of the tablets, 36 tablets are considered a non-toxic amount. Please be aware that we offer two other low dose aspirin alternatives in larger count sizes - Aspirin Regimen Bayer Adult Low Strength 81 mg in a 120-count bottle and Bayer Women's Adult Low Strength 81 mg with Calcium in a 60-count size.

Can I use Bayer Aspirin beyond the labeled expiration date?

It is not recommended to use any over-the-counter product beyond the labeled expiration date. Like all drugs, aspirin can deteriorate over time and not be as effective once it is past expiration.

I’m familiar with Bayer aspirin, but what other products does Bayer have on the market?

Every day you use products that got their start in one of our labs. Our products make life enjoyable, help preserve local landmarks, save energy, advance automobile safety and durability, diagnose and treat disease and protect crops, homes and pets from pests. For a full listing of our consumer products, click on Our Products .

What is Bayer Nutritional Science™?

Bayer Nutritional Science™ is a new line of nutritional supplements that combine the latest scientifically proven ingredients to help keep your mind and body vital and active. Bayer Nutritional Science™ formulas are targeted at goal-specific needs.

What happened to Bayer HealthCare?

Bayer merged with another pharmaceutical company and no longer needed such a large site. It relocated support departments to other sites, mostly in New York and New Jersey. Back to Top

How is KOGENATE ® Bayer supplied?

KOGENATE ® Bayer is supplied as a powder in a single-use bottle (known as a vial) with a pre-filled syringe and plunger rod for reconstitution. For added convenience alcohol swabs, a butterfly set, plasters and dry swabs are also included. Always check the amount of KOGENATE ® Bayer printed on the label to make sure you are using the correct dose. Blue, green and red colour coding is used to enable easy identification of the correct dose and to avoid confusion. ...

What is KOGENATE ® Bayer?

KOGENATE ® Bayer is a recombinant factor VIII product (rFVIII). Recombinant factor VIII is produced by a process called genetic engineering. This involves taking a copy of the human gene that makes factor VIII and growing it under special conditions in a laboratory. The factor VIII that is produced is collected and sterilised. It is then ready for use. Factor VIII that is made in this way is exactly the same as human factor VIII as it is derived from the human factor VIII gene.

What is the Bayer Test?

The Bayer test is used to determine the abrasion resistance of ophthalmic lenses, and is used to replicate normal abrasion to the front of the lens. This test is applicable to all plano lenses, and compares the specimen to a control lens.

Is aspirin safe?

Bayer HealthCare goes to great lengths to ensure that all of our products are safe. To that point, aspirin is one of the most extensively studied drugs in history with a 100-year track record of safety and efficacy. Please be assured that Bayer Aspirin is safe and effective when used as directed.

Does an aspirin a day help?

There is evidence that suggests that people who are regularly taking aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and naproxen may have lower risks of colon cancer than others. However, these medications also may have other untoward side-effects, such as stomach inflammation and ulcers. If your doctor has already prescribed aspirin to help protect your heart, you may also be lowering your risk of colon cancer. ...

Is it safe to take aspirin?

Analgesics are often used in pregnancy. Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen and naproxen should be used cautiously during pregnancy. However, acetaminophen is considered the non-narcotic analgesic of choice because of its well-established safety record in all trimesters.

What is "buffered" aspirin?

Buffered aspirin is aspirin infused with calcium carbonate. Studies show that calcium carbonate helps to prevent against stomach upset. Environment and Allergies

Does ALEVE contain aspirin?

ALEVE does not contain aspirin. ALEVE should not be taken with aspirin, aspirin-containing products or any other pain reliever/fever reducer, unless your doctor has instructed you to do so. Do not take ALEVE if you have had either hives, facial swelling, asthma (wheezing), or shock after taking any pain reliever/fever reducer. You may have a serious reaction.

Does aspirin help?

Researchers have found great benefits from aspirin. In a study of more than 87,000 women, those who regularly took a low dosage of aspirin had a lesser risk of suffering a first heart attack than those who didn't. Women older than 50 appeared to benefit the most.

Why take baby aspirin?

Well, I believe it does suppress natural killer cells in the uterus, so it is used for those with immune problems. It has other effects on the immune system that I don't fully understand - I will try to find out more. But, it also improves blood flow to the ovaries, improving follicle development, and improves blood flow to the uterus, improving the quality of the uterine lining. This increases the odds that implantation will be successful. ...

Why not take aspirin?

See EC Stack ( Your fish oils, at a EPA + DHA dosing of 1-2 g per day (so 3-6 regular, or 2-3 concentrated omega 3 caps) will help lower blood pressure slightly.

What is the difference between Bayer's Serial Cable and Bayer's USB Cable?

What is the difference between Bayer’s Serial Cable and a Bayer’s USB Cable? Both cables allow users to download data from their Bayer meter to their computer. Each cable works with a different connector; check your computer to see which best fits your needs. Some newer computers are produced with only USB ports. Bayer offers this new product to allow users to take advantage of our diabetes management software, WinGLUCOFACTS.

What is Karl Bayer's mediation cancellation policy?

To cancel a confirmed mediation without incurring any fee, a party must provide notice to our office by close of business two business days before the day of the scheduled mediation. In other words, if a party has scheduled a mediation to start at 9:30 a.m. on a Wednesday, that party must cancel prior to close of business Monday; otherwise, the full fee will be charged, regardless of whether or not the mediation takes place. To cancel a Monday mediation, a party must notify us by close of business the preceding Thursday.

Who looks after the laboratory animals at Bayer?

committed team of veterinarians, biologists, biology lab assistants and veterinary nurses who work closely with the “Animal Welfare Office” and the Animal Welfare Officer. The basis for their joint efforts are the conditions of the German Animal Welfare Law. These include feeding and housing animals in a manner appropriate to their species. And providing the highest level of hygiene and health care.

What is the minimum period for vacation work at Bayer?

During the winter vacation, the minimum period is 6 weeks for university students and 4 weeks for polytechnic students. In the summer vacation, the minimum period of employment for students and school students is 8 weeks. Students who work for more than 8 weeks are required to pay full social security contributions.

How many interns does Bayer take on?

We offer about 700 internships in Germany every year, mainly in Leverkusen.

What is the structure of Bayer Healthcare Worldwide?

Bayer AG acquired Schering AG, Germany, Berlex’s former parent company. As a result, beginning April 4, we will operate in the US under the new name of Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. The new company combines the strengths of Berlex and Bayer. Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, which will be headquartered in Wayne, N.J., is the U.S. pharmaceuticals affiliate of the Berlin-based company, Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany -- a top 10 leader in the specialty pharmaceutical marketplace dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing products ...

What is a Bayer filter?

bayer filter is a colour filter array in a checkerboard pattern that is placed over a single chip ccd or cmos imager to create a colour image. 50% of the pixels are filtered green, 25% red, and 25% blue. Averaged together, a Bayer chip misses up to 67% of the color information in the image. This isn't as bad as it sounds. Complex calculations from surrounding pixels are made to interpolate the missing colors at each pixel. However the actual detail is more difficult to "guess" and can result in artifacts or softness. ...

How to convert Color (Bayer) Patterns?

Color sensors capture images through an optical low pass filter placed over the individual pixel in Bayer mosaic layout. Imaged data are transferred by passing color processing which can save bandwidth gaining higher frame rate and flexibility of applying different Bayer Pattern on the PC side. Obtained Images can be processed in either of the following 4 different conversion algorithm can on the PC side.
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