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Meteorology: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forensic Meteorology?

Forensic meteorology is the application of atmospheric science to litigation and insurance claims. Forensic meteorologists provide retrospective weather analyses and expert opinions for litigation, claims and other disputes in which weather was a factor. While most people are familiar with the "TV weatherman" and think of meteorology in terms of forecasts, the field of meteorology is much broader than that. ...

What are the Bureau of Meteorology's Seasonal Climate Outlooks?

General statements about the probability or risk of wetter or drier than average weather over a three-month period. The outlooks are based on the statistics of chance (the odds) taken from rainfall and sea surface temperature records. They are not, however, categorical predictions about future rainfall, and they are not about rainfall within individual months of the three-month outlook period.

What college is really good for meteorology?

After speaking to several S'COOL team members we have compiled this list of some great universities to attend if you are interested in meteorology. They are: Purdue, U. Washington, NC State, Texas A&M;, Florida State, Colorado State and Michigan. Understanding that this is not an exhaustive list, we highly recommended searching through the NOAA website for a more detailed list of colleges and universities with degree programs for Meteorology careers.

What are the frequently asked questions on satellite meteorology?

SatMet Website INDEX GOES Project FAQ NASA's Earth Observatory Natural Hazards FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About NOAA Satellites, Pictures, and Data columbia earthscape FAQ (requires login and password)

How can I get a Bureau of Meteorology calendar?

The Bureau of Meteorology Calendar, in most years, will be made available in late October. Details will be posted at

What types of warning products are issued by the Bureau of Meteorology?

Summary of tropical cyclone warning services including product samples and details Products include: Tropical cyclone seasonal outlook Tropical cyclone outlook Tropical cyclone information bulletin Tropical cyclone advice (watch/warning) Technical summary Tropical cyclone forecast track map Marine warnings

Where do I find information about careers in meteorology?

Please see our Employment Opportunities link under "About Us". Top of Page General / Navigation

Why is the Commonwealth proposing the Bureau of Meteorology hold water information?

The Bureau of Meteorology is a Commonwealth agency that has extensive experience and expertise in managing large volumes of data and importantly in data analysis and modelling complex systems. Through investments in improved telemetry and data automation the Bureau will collate water data to provide complex scheduling and forecasting information to ensure that the management of water systems is optimised. ...

Does MES provide meteorology services for nuclear utilities?

A MES has been providing meteorological consulting services since the inception of nuclear electrical power generation back in the 1960s. MES has been involved in the licensing of nuclear power plants including preparation of the meteorological sections of both preliminary and final Safety Analysis Reports as well as Environmental Reports. MES currently provides meteorological consulting services to the operators of several commercial nuclear generating units. ...

What are some of the local colleges in the area that have a meteorology major?

A A listing of colleges and universities with programs in atmospheric and related sciences can be found at .

Which are the best sites to see/find out about meteorology?

The best sites are:

What are the revised Bureau of Meteorology’s predictions all about?

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has revised its extreme rainfall event projections, based on a review of rainfall data over the past 100 years. The extreme rainfall event data being used to guide the dam spillway upgrade program across the state relates to rainfall events with a statistical probability in the order of “1 in 100,000” of occurring in any one year. As a responsible dam owner, SunWater must respond to these predictions, however unlikely they are.

What role does the Coriolis force play in meteorology?

Winds approaching a localized low pressure region will tend to be deflected around the region by the Coriolis force instead of flowing directly towards the region. In the northern hemisphere, winds tend to be deflected in a counter-clockwise direction around a low pressure cell. In the southern hemisphere, winds tends to be deflected in a clockwise direction around a low pressure cell. This deflection is also referred to as the “cyclonic” direction. 2 Thermodynamics

Where are the guidelines for the Education and Training of Personnel in Meteorology and Operational Hydrology?

In WMO Publication 258 found at: .

How can I get a job in meteorology?

People with a professional interest in meteorology work in a wide range jobs; from TV weather forecaster to weather observer, from research scientist to environmental consultant, and from satellite technician to software engineer. You can meet some of them in our career profiles page . All these roles require a good scientific ability, and most a degree-level qualification. Mathematics and physics provide the underpinning skills for meteorological jobs. ...

Are there any vocational qualifications (NVQ/SVQ) in meteorology?

Yes. National and Scottish Vocational Qualifications (NVQ/SVQs) are in-service qualifications for practising weather forecasters and meteorological observers. The competencies are assessed on the job - there are no exams. These qualifications are administered by the Society and awarded by PAA\VQSET . Assessments are based in the workplace and are undertaken by registering with one of the Assessment Centres (Met Office and Royal Navy Training Group). The NVQ/SVQs are recognised throughout the EU.

What will be the role of the Bureau of Meteorology under the legislation?

The Bureau of Meteorology will be authorised to collect and publish water information on a national basis. The publications will include a National Water Account and periodic reports on water resource use and availability.

What colleges and universities offer Meteorology programs?

Check out the National Weather Association's Educational Links

What are the unique / high points of the meteorology program at MSU?

Percentage of students finding job placement in meteorology within 6-months of graduation is very high. 2. The courses are specifically designed to give students the knowledge they need for a forecasting or TV weather job. 3. More emphasis is placed on forecasting rather than on calculus. Program allows a larger pool of people to potentially learn weather forecasting and meteorology job skills. 4. Witty and sociable professors make learning environment fun and enjoyable. 5. Large climate lab (map room). ...

What is the male to female ratio in the meteorology courses?

It is about 60% male and 40% female. 3:2 ratio. Topic: Jobs

When should I apply to MSU and the meteorology program?

Try to be accepted by university and program before May for students planning on starting in the fall. Most students are required to begin the meteorology course sequence in the fall semester.

Does the meteorology program have get together?

Yes, several per year. About twice per year a professor or the program will host a large get together for faculty and students at their estate or at MSU. Another popular party is the annual "Storm Fest" that is hosted by an NWA chapter member. A get together also precedes the annual "Southeast Severe Storms Conference" in early Spring.

How do I input the meteorology for SCREEN3?

Unlike ISCST3, the SCREEN3 model does not use hourly meteorological data. Instead, the user can select one of the following options: Full Meteorology – model uses a predefined matrix of meteorological conditions that references all stability classes (A through F) and associated wind speeds, where the maximum wind speed is stability-dependent; Single Stability Class – user selects ...

Where can I get information about a career in meteorology?

Below are a few links that provide a good introduction into the field of meteorology, including educational requirements and career opportunities. A Career Guide for the Atmospheric Sciences was published by the American Meteorology Society (AMS) in 2000. This site provides a good overview of the educational requirements (including links to colleges/universities that offer degrees) and details the different career paths that exist in the field of meteorology. ...

Where can I get more information about storms (and/or meteorology)?

Try the Storm Chaser Homepage or WeatherNet . You can also use any of the Internet search engines to pursue specific topics. However, if you truly are interested in serious learning about meteorology, the Internet is not the place for such a pursuit . I suggest you go to your local libraries and read everything you can find on the subject. If you live near a college or university, check them out, especially if they offer courses in meteorology. ...

What does weather have to do with meteors? What does meteorology mean?

A Despite the misleading name, meteorology has absolutely nothing to do with meteors. The study of meteors is associated with astronomy. Meteorology is the science that deals with the atmosphere and its phenomena and especially with weather and weather forecasting. Both words get their roots from the Greek word for atmosphere.

Where could a person learn more about meteorology and weather forecasting through the web?

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has a comprehensive web based learning system; please check their index web page for topics you are interested in studying. And the National Weather Service (NWS) San Francisco Bay Area server has an Area Forecast Discussion Glossary and a Guide to Weather and to the NWS , with information on decoding products and learning terminology. ...

Do I have to have a degree in meteorology to become a member of the AMS?

No, anyone can become an Associate Member of the AMS and enjoy the benefits of membership , such as special pricing for books and journals. To become a full voting member you will need to fulfill certain educational and experience criteria. 'If you are seeking full membership and do not have a degree in meteorology, you will want to review the " Interpretive Memorandum " for information on specific membership requirements.

Can we come visit/tour the MU Meteorology facilities?

Yes. Personal or group tours are always available and can be given by Millersville students and/or faculty. More information .

Where can I find information about pursuing a career in Meteorology?

We recommend that you check out the Career Guide put together by the American Meteorological Society . A list of colleges and universities that offer courses in meteorology, atmospheric science and weather forecasting can be found here .
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