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Apple Iphone: Frequently Asked Questions

What will this mean for Apple and the iPhone?

In foreign markets like the US, Apple will now be able to pitch the iPhone against the BlackBerry by emphasising the new business features. And the new applications could provide potential customers with all sorts of new reasons to buy an iPhone.

Why Android or Apple iPhone?

Our Company is now working with Mobile Platforms (like Android, LiMo and iPhone) as we believe this platforms are THE TRUE FUTURE of Personal and Mobile Computing. We also want to ensure that this will be a FREE, SECURE, SCALABLE, COST EFICIENT, STABLE and PERMANENT Service for every Doctor and Patient in the World, so we are using the latest Open Source technologies available in almost every level of our organization taking it advantages like Low Cost, easy Maintenance, and wider Developer Community.

Does birdJam run on the new Apple iPhone?

Yes, as noted above, birdJam bird songs run on the very cool new Apple iPhone as well as the iPod Touch. Of course, Charlie and Jay had to run right out and get iPhones the very first week (although they didn't camp out so they could buy them the first night). iPhones are only available through Apple and AT&T;, so if you want birdJam bird songs on an iPhone, you can load it just like your iPod or you can send it to us to load for you. We do carry the iPod Touch in our online store.

Does the Apple iPhone have a keyboard?

Yes - virtual on-screen keyboard There is no physical keyboard on the iPhone. The multi-touch interface was designed to make keyless navigation a cinche. Still, should you need to input text, a virtual keyboard pops up as needed. This video will give you an idea of the ease of text entry.

How big is the Apple iPhone?

x 2.4 x 0.46 inches / 115 x 61 x 11.6mm Apple styled the iPhone to be sleek and minimalistic - just like all their other products. The clean lines of the iPhone measure up to a slim 11.6mm thick - less than half an inch! That’s quite a feat, considering the iPhone is packed with sensors, Bluetooth, massive storage, and a full-body multi-touch display!

Does Zumobi develop applications for the Apple iPhone?

Zumobi recently extended its mobile widget platform to the iPhone with a branded application for the Olympic Games in Beijing, which was available for download in the iTunes application store.

What is the history of Apple's iPhone?

What are the iPhone Sizes & Costs?

Will there ever be a Glaurung for the Apple iPhone?

Just convince Apple to open the iPhone for 3rd-party developers, and you will soon be able to run Glaurung on your iPhone.

Does your warranty policy apply to Apple iPhone?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to offer any warranty on Apple iPhone.

Which telco in Pakistan is the official Apple iPhone partner?

Apparently Warid is going to be the official telco partner for Apple in Pakistan, but this YouTube video shows a Mobilink ad showcasing the iPhone. There haven’t been any official announcements from Mobilink though, and we might just be reading too much into it.

Is the Apple iPhone 3G good for business users?

Yes, it is very easy to use and features amazingly simple at: -Emailing (including setup) -Calander integration -Networking If you have any other questions that you want answered i would be happy to add to this Australian iPhone 3G FAQ list. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST A COMMENT WITH YOUR REQUEST. For further iPhone information for Australians or for those in other countries who are interested feel free to check out the other Australian iPhone 3G related pages in my blog. Happy iPhone-ing! Cheers, Lachlan. ...
Yes, it is very easy to use and features amazingly simple at: -Emailing (including setup) -Calander integration -Networking --- If you have any other questions that you want answered i would be happy to add to this Australian iPhone 3G FAQ list. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST A COMMENT WITH YOUR REQUEST. For further iPhone information for Australians or for those in other countries who are interested feel free to check out the other Australian iPhone related pages in this blog. Happy iPhone-ing! Cheers, Lachlan.

What are the other functions that are usable with an unlocked Apple iPhone?

With the exception of 'Visual Voicemail', which is network dependent (i.e. AT&T; only), users of the iPhone & iPhone 3G are able to use all the other features such as WiFi, Email, Push Email, YouTube, Safari surfing, iPod, App Store app downloads, MSN, Google Maps, etc etc.

Does the Apple iPhone work on the following Telco providers in Malaysia?

For Maxis, Digi & Celcom - Absolutely no issues with both incoming, or outgoing calls. Perfectly compatible with EDGE & 3G SIMCards as well. :: 100% compliance with the hundreds of other GSM networks throughout the world.

Does Antibiotic Kinetics run on an Apple iPhone?

We do not currently offer a native iPhone version of Antibiotic Kinetics, however, please try the Web version which runs in the Safari web browser, it works perfectly on the iPhone: RxKinetics Web Applications Beta PDA problem solutions Q. The serial number you sent me doesn't work! A. Your serial number is calculated specifically for your PDA, based on the information you provide us. ...

What is the role of the Apple iPhone with respect to Mobile Ajax?

While this is speculative since enough details of the iPhone are not known, Apple has said that the iPhone will not include Java and may include Flash. It is very likely that the web browser of the iPhone will support Ajax. If that happens, then widgets could play a major role on the iPhone with Mobile Ajax as one of their enabling technologies. If so, it would help the uptake of Mobile Ajax post launch of the iPhone.

Why are you back to using Apple iPhone Headsets?

For a few months, we used our own headset design, called the HS1, in an attempt to overcome some shortcomings that we had noticied with the Apple headset design. In the meantime, Apple quiety made some changes to their headsets about the time the iPhone 3G was released. The cable was thickened and the microphone area was redesigned. We now feel that this 2nd generation cable is superior to what we were offering and so until we can come up with something even better, we will use the latest Apple headsets. ...

Can I use my Apple iPhone?

Yes, we have a special mobile interface for the Apple iPhone . Its our 2nd mobile interface site, so users can access their information on either site. Here are EBSuite's mobile URLs: EBSuite's PDA Mobile Access Site EBSuite's Apple iPhone Mobile Access Site

Does Framerz work on the Apple iPhone?

Not yet. The iPhone does not support MMS but we're working on a way to let iPhone users utilize the web version on their device

How do I order an Apple iPhone?

We can't order iPhones anymore. Apple has changed the way they sell iPhones in the USA and they are now only sold activated (ie with a 2 year contract).

Is this the same thing as Microsoft Surface or the Apple iPhone?

There are a lot of visible similarities between DiamondTouch and Microsoft Surface and with the interaction techniques of the Apple iPhone. However, these technologies work on different principles. They are all multi-touch, but the major functional difference is that only DiamondTouch is multi-user.

Is MobileVoIP supported on Windows Mobile or Apple IPhone?

We will release support for Windows Mobile and Apple IPhone soon Back to top SMS Telephony

I’m not familiar with the Apple iPhone, what is it? The iPhone is Apple’s breakthrough into the mobile phone market. Apple, not satisfied with their virtual domination of the MP3-player market (with the iPod), decided to add a cell phone to their lineup (and also to stave off market encroachment from music-oriented phones). The iPhone is, at once, a widescreen iPod, cell phone, and Internet Device. Apple’s managed to integrate 4GB-8GB of storage, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, and even WiFi, under a beautifully huge touchscreen LCD screen. ...

Is Apple Iphone 3G really the ultimate phone to be launched in India ?

No, its not. 3G services really arent available in India. A lot of other phones also have 3G, but again its of absolutely no use. Iphone has Wifi, most Windows Mobile phones come with Wifi, it has a 2 MP camera, which is pretty low, it has no video recording (huge setback) , the only feature we think is yet to be properly replicated is the Multi-touch feature. HTC Touch and other Windows mobile phones do provide a good touch interface though. ...

Where can I find more information on the proper usage of my Apple iPhone?

You can download the following Apple iPhone Manuals : iPhone User's Guide (Manual) - Click Here (9.5MB) iPhone Bluetooth Headset User's Guide (Manual) - Click Here (197KB) iPhone Important Product Information Guide (Manual) - Click Here (139KB)

Why is TurboSim needed for the Apple iPhone / iPhone 3G right now?

For iPhone 3G on OS 2.0 (non-telco unlocked sets), they are 99% unlocked + activated, the remaining 1% would be accomplished via TurboSim. :: For iPhone 3G on OS 2.0 ( 100% telco unlocked sets ), they are 100% factory unlocked, authorized by Apple, warranty is intact, & no TurboSIM required. ------------------------------------------------------------------ NETWORK FAQs -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Will you develop a version for the new Apple iPhone?

Updated 19-10-07) It seems that Steve Jobs at Apple is quite interested in getting third-party apps working on the iPhone, and says there will be an SDK (Software Development Kit) available early in 2008. We will watch this with interest. Software FAQs

Will the BBC iPlayer work on my Apple iPhone?

The iPhone is officially supported by BBC, although only streaming content, and this must be viewed using a WiFi internet connection. The Edge network used by the iPhone, is currently to slow for streaming video content.

I’ve heard about various sensors on the Apple iPhone, what are they?

Apple has crammed a suite of sensors into their iPhone. First off, the proximity sensor, in the phone’s face, detects when you put the phone to your ear and turns off the display. This prevents unintentional inputs and saves on battery power while you are on a call. The accelerometers, a sensor that measure acceleration, will detect rotation of the device from landscape and portrait and will re-orient the screen likewise. ...

Will the Apple iPhone really support Mac OS X? Steve Jobs noted, in his keynote, that the Apple iPhone will be running on “Mac OS.” This doesn’t mean it will be running the same Mac OS X powering MacBooks and Mac Pros.
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