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Gps Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

What GPS systems do you use?

We offer several different GPS systems depending on availability and the latest models from the manufacturers. We currently offer the Tom Tom Go, Navman iCN 500 series and the Garmin Uvi range.

What can our GPS systems monitor?

In addition to speed, location and direction of travel, our devices can monitor vehicle electrical systems using the input/output (I/O) pins on the device: for example, ignition status, door locks, and temperature can all be monitored. You can set up alerts for most of the items that we monitors; for example, our systems can let you know when vehicles exceed safe speeds, or whether a vehicle's engine is on or off. Reports are sent by e-mail or text message.

Do the cars have GPS SYSTEMS?

GPS is currently available for RENAULT on the Laguna IIs , Laguna Estate , Vel Satis and Espace models and for , and the models. PEUGEOT currently offers GPS on most 407 models, the 607 Models, the 307 Coupe Convertible , and some 807 models. Depending on the model the price for GPS is sometimes included in the price of the car and sometimes has to be added as an accessory. RENAULT has currently GPS available on the 2.2 Diesel Laguna Wagon, Vel Satis, Espace 5-Passenger and the Espace Long models.
GPS is currently available for RENAULT on the Laguna IIs , Laguna Estate , Vel Satis and Espace models and for Peugeot 307 Coupe Convertible , 407 and the 607 models.

Are there different types of GPS systems?

Yes. MOGO uses only the latest digital technology so you can be confident you are purchasing a product that will provide many years of quality service. MOGO is so confident in our product we offer an unprecedented optional lifetime warranty. Please ask you dealer for more details or call our customer service department.

The accuracy of GPS systems?

Where can I purchase accessories for my GPS systems?

Contact us at AutoNav 2000 Plus, Inc. at 408-298-8188. Or Click Here to visit our OnLine Depot for accessories! 52.

Do you hire out GPS systems?

We don’t hire them ourselves but, are more than happy to arrange one for you if you would like us to. The cost would be around NZD$10.00 per day to rent a Tom Tom (incl. NZ maps) from here . Just let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

Do you offer GPS systems for rent?

Yes, we do offer the Garmin Street Pilot "c-series" GPS navigators that feature a simple touch-screen interface, with automatic route calculation to any destination and turn-by-turn voice-prompted directions along the way. Selecting a destination is straightforward and requires only a limited amount of input from the user. Plus, the Street Pilot c330 allows you to choose between a three-dimensional navigation view and the more traditional "bird's eye" overhead view. The unit is mounted on the windshield.

Are radar detectors and GPS systems easy to fit?

Yes it's simply a matter of fitting to the windscreen or dashboard using the mounting kit provided (No drilling required). Then simply plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter and away you go. As the devices are portable they can be stored in the glove box out of sight when not in use.

What gps systems to you hire?

We use the TomTom and Mitac 269 gps sat nav systems. Both use the same software and mapping systems.

Should I Ask About GPS Systems?

Most pilots think of ease of use, safety and dependability, along with cost, when choosing a GPS guidance system. Ease of Use

What GPS systems can be used for the variable applications?

You can use the same GPS equipment as you use for variable rate P and K. SOYL can create application maps for any GPS system that you have as long as it is capable of variable application. Common systems include Agleader, Trimble, RDS, LH Agro, John Deere, Agco, Claas, Patchwork, FarmWorks, Vicon, Accord and Zynx.

What is the difference between GPS and Non-GPS Systems?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a cumbersome, satellite-based navigation system, subscription service made up of a network of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provide specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time. GPS satellites circle the earth twice a day in a very precise orbit and transmit signal information to earth. ...

With which GPS systems are you compatible?

The AT300 is compatible with virtually every panel-mounted aviation GPS receiver in use today, including most legacy panel-mount navigators (except Northstar). Contact us at if you would like to know if we are compatible with your GPS system.

What is the difference between the GolfLogix Digital Caddie and cart-based GPS systems?

Cart-based systems typically have many more features related to golf course operations and work only on the carts they are installed on. They are very complex and expensive and since only a small percentage of courses can afford such systems, GolfLogix developed an affordable, easy to use, highly portable device that all golf courses can afford.

Does Kalman filtering really make GPS systems more accurate?

The answer may surprise you. Research indicates that GPS sensors that use Kalman filtering may actually measure with significantly lower levels of accuracy than some manufacturers claim . Click the

How do GPS Navigation Systems work?

Most GPS Navigation systems utilize GPS satellite signal and map matching software to guide you to where you need to go, some hardwire installed GPS systems also utilize dead reckoning features to offer better routing accuracy when GPS signal is marginal or not available. These features enable you to guide you to your selected destination. It always tracks your location, and you tell it where you wish to go. ...

How good are the maps on these GPS navigation systems?

We use the most up-to-date maps available in Malaysia (2007 maps), with coverage throughout the whole Malaysia.
We use the most up-to-date, reliable and accurate maps from the world's leading map providers. And although roads get built or changed and traffic systems modified, your unit is always updated against such changes. We regularly update all our maps, and participate through TomTom's MapShare service to ensure you are always receiving the latest information. ...

What GPS Navigation systems will drive the G600?

The only GPS systems that are compatible with the G600 are the Garmin 430W/530W series systems and the Garmin GNS-480. At least one GNS430W or 530W or 480 is required. The Garmin SL-30 nav-com and various ADF systems (King KR87, KDF806 or Collins ADF60A) can also display navigation information on the G600 as an optional input.

What is the difference between the SkyCaddie and cart-based GPS systems?

Cart-based systems typically have more features related to golf course services and only work on the course where they are installed. Since only a small percentage of courses can afford such systems, the SkyCaddie was developed as a highly portable personal device for the golfer instead of the golf course. At only 5 ounces or less, the SkyCaddie allows every golfer the benefits of GPS on any course in the world. ...

Do the trucks come with GPS systems?

GPS (global positioning satellite) systems are not standard, but are available. Return to Questions Why would I want a GPS system? If you do not intend to sell any of the ad space on your Spark truck, you do not need a GPS system. If ad sales are a major component of your plan, you should consider adding a GPS to guarantee proof of performance for your advertising clients. The GPS is a black box, hidden somewhere in the truck that tracks all of the vehicle's activity. ...

Does Golf GPS Source sell Golf GPS systems or Golf Range Finders which are not conforming to the rule?

Nearly all of the Golf GPS Systems and Golf Range Finders sold by Golf GPS Source are conforming. Exceptions, such as the Bushnell PinSeeker Slope Edition Golf Range Finder, by may be considered for “recreational use”.

Q) What GPS systems will the HomeFinder GPS software work with?

A) We designed it to work with most Garmin GPS systems like the Nuvi. Please refer to your owner's manual to see if it accepts custom POI's.

Do you hire GPS navigational systems?

Yes! You can now rent a car from us and hire a Navman GPS unit so you are guaranteed to not get lost while driving!

How does mtrack differ from GPS based systems?

mtrack was designed solely as a security product to track and recover assets, it's not just a by-product of fleet management technology. Assets that are moved indoors or underground can still be located with mtrack, whereas conventional GPS tracking systems cannot work undercover. Also, unlike power hungry, hard-wired GPS tracking devices, mtrack contains its own power source and can therefore be used on virtually any asset, anywhere.

How does Mtrack differ to GPS based systems?

Mtrack is unique, in as much that it has been designed first and foremost as a security product to track and recover your asset and not as a fleet management tool to check where an asset is every minute. As it does not rely on having to see the sky like conventional GPS systems, assets that are moved by thieves indoors and underground such as car parks and garages can still be located. Unlike battery hungry hard-wired GPS tracking devices, Mtrack contains its own power source. ...

Are there any laws against using GPS Tracking Systems?

Yes - there may be laws in your specific state against placing a gps on someone's vehicle without their permission. Its up to you to follow and abide by all applicable state laws. or SpyGear4U, Inc. will not be held liable. You agree that the use of GPS products are for personal location based data retrieval only. It is illegal to track someone without approval or use any tracking product in any vehicle that is not legally owned by the tracking system operator. ...

Are Snooper GPS Alert Systems easy to install?

GPS Safety Camera Alert Systems are designed for quick and easy installation. All devices can be plugged simply into the cigar lighter but can also be connected directly to the vehicle with the hard wire lead provided. The unit itself can then normally be velcroed into position on the dashboard or attached to the windscreen with the suction cup bracket provided. No professional installation is required and the unit can be moved easily from car to car.
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